7 thoughts on “I Forgot—Church Is Hard

  1. Marsha McCarthy

    Beautiful words Emily. The church needs to be safe place, a loving place, a welcoming place. It needs to be Max’s place. God Bless you. May these words reach people who will reach out and embrace more people like Max and you who are God’s people.


    Oh yes – does this sound familiar, but God is good and our kids are amazing!! SO thankful for all the strides our children make and for the life lessons our church families learn in the process with us. Thanks for sharing! Love to you and Max from Sheila & Sam 🙂

  3. Denie Sidney

    I applaud your efforts. Attending church is hard for us too. My daughter is in a wheelchair. No one helps me or my husband with our daughter in a way that allows us to actively participate in service. We continue to pray for strength and try to teach our congregation.

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  5. Dawn Clark

    Thanks for the reminder how hard church can be for those with autism. Yet you also showed us that serving God alongside a person with special needs makes the body of Christ complete.

  6. Julie Hutson

    This wonderful, and a much need reminder for those days when Church is hard. I too am reminded of the progress we have made. It helps when you belong to a Church that is willing to take this journey. The photo of your son Max praising God shows us it is all worth it. May his contagious Joy in Christ continue to teach us that we are all one in the body of Christ. From a parent who understands all to well you words – here’s to hoping we can find that one minute of rest!


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